8 Ways To Successfully Stop Siblings From Arguing

As a parent that has more than one child, you know that arguments will occur. Each child is different: unique needs, interests and personalities. At some point, these will clash and as a parent, you are stuck in the role of referee. Why do siblings argue? How can parents prevent their children from fighting? How can parents remain motivated to keep the peace in their home? Let’s discuss the practical tips to defuse your family feuds.

Sibling VS. Sibling

As mentioned, each child is different. They need diverse compliments and discipline. This means that your approach to each child must also be different. If they get into a dispute, the method you use to calm one of your children may be completely different for the other. From my personal experience growing up (I’m a middle child with 2 sisters so feel free to share your sympathies!) all it took was a certain tone of voice from my mother to get me to stop quarreling with my sisters. In contrast, my sisters needed stern lectures and threats of having privileges removed to behave (obviously I’m the favorite child. I’m kidding! My parents insist they love us equally. Let’s go with that!) So, what are the major reasons why siblings argue (myself included) with each other? Continue reading “8 Ways To Successfully Stop Siblings From Arguing”

How Teenagers And Parents Can Stop Arguing

Teenagers argue with their parents. Is anyone surprised by this statement? Arguments are a common part of raising children. However, does it seem to you that the older your child becomes, the more they argue with you and the intensity of the disagreements increases? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Today we will discuss the questions that teenagers and parents alike ask themselves:  Why do teenagers argue with their parents? What can help parents and teenagers resolve disagreements? What are the best ways to resolve conflicts with your teenage children? Let’s find out the answers!

Why Teenagers Argue With Parents

Let’s begin by answering the question, why teenagers argue with their parents. Firstly, teenagers are going through physical changes as well as emotional and psychological. They are bombarded by stresses, not just in the home, but at school and socially. Teens are trying to determine where they fit in the world while at the same time establishing their independence. They are trying to resist peer pressure and the internal pressures they put on themselves to be perfect.

As parents, you expect many things from your teenagers. You want them to do well in school so that they can get a good job. You also want them to complete their chores and other household assignments. This will help them begin to learn how to take care of themselves as they become adults. All of these contributes towards the burdens teens have, which doesn’t include the daily conflicts they experience out of the house. This leads to anxiety, which turns into arguments with you as their parents who are placing restrictions on them. However, despite what your teenager says to you so, they still need your support.

Anxiety teenagers face

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Why Children Argue With Parents – Effective Ways To Stop

Do you remember how cute it was when your child first learned to talk? The first time they said “No!” in that cute little voice made you smile. Now that they are older, hearing the word “No!” is no longer cute, it’s frustrating. That age between the terrible twos and preteen years can be challenging. They want to cling to you for love and support but at the same time they want to establish their independence. As common as family conflict it, the questions remain: Why do children argue with their parents? How can children and parents stop arguing? What are the benefits of learning to resolve disagreements peacefully? Let’s find out!

Why Do Children Argue With Parents?

Children are constantly testing their boundaries. This it a normal part of life. So are disagreements between children and parents. To understand how children and parents can stop arguing with each other, you need to first understand why children argue. According to KidsHealth from Nemours, many children (69%) said they knew their parents were proud of them, others did not feel that way. They were more likely to argue with their parents because of this. This is only one reason why children argue with their parents. Based on that same article, about 20% of younger kids and 33% of older kids said they argued with their parents a great deal. Why is this?

Arguing gives your child power as they continue to test you. If you are a child or parent reading this, I’m sure you will agree with the following:

  • You are tired of fighting
  • Arguments will happen no matter the age or background
  • You want to reach a compromise everyone it happy with, but you don’t want to be the first to “give in”
  • You feel as if you are not being understood

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