How To Be Single And Happy On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and you’re still single. Don’t panic I’m here to help. No, not help you find someone else to spend the holiday with, but to help you be happy spending the season of love by yourself. Maybe you have been single for a long time or worse, you have just broken up with your significant other. It may seem as if you cannot be happy and single on Valentine’s day but you can.

Valentine’s Day Blues

If you are used to doing things with your significant other on Valentine’s day, I’ll be honest, you will feel sad. This is a day catering to couples: seeing couples holding hands, receiving flowers at work, buying chocolates, romantic dinners, singing telegrams. Beware, giant teddy bears are taking over! You may feel left out or maybe a little (or a lot) jealous. These emotions are natural so don’t feel bad. However, this also does not mean that you should spend the day feeling sorry for yourself either. Why not try using the season of love to focus on loving and upbuilding yourself. Let me show you how.

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