How To Stop Procrastinating And Start Living Today

Procrastination is something we all face. There are times throughout the day when we have to make a decision: to do or not to do. We either carry out our tasks or put it off until later, sometimes until the very last minute. This can happen once in a while but what if you find this happening consistently? Procrastinators have a habit of avoiding tasks and intentionally look for distractions as an excuse. As a result, nothing is accomplished and you are holding yourself back from truly living. Why do we procrastinate? What steps can we take to stop procrastinating? What are the long term benefits of avoiding procrastination? Let’s find out!

Why Do I Procrastinate?

That seems to be the million dollar question doesn’t it? Why do we procrastinate, followed by, can I stop procrastinating? It isn’t the easiest habit to quit but the good news is that it can be done. I have written tips on how we can stop procrastinating at school and at work. However, there are other areas in our lives where we drag things on that should be completed.

We come up with many excuses as to why now isn’t the right time. We are either too busy, tired, broke, stressed, the list can go on. Don’t worry, you are not alone. That is why there are so many quotes about procrastination that I want to share with you (especially the funny ones I’ve found):

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Practical Tips To Stop Procrastinating At Work

We all procrastinate from time to time. That’s a fact of life. But can we afford to procrastinate on our jobs? Being late to a social event as a result of procrastinating is one thing, but what about being late to work? Or late to a meeting with important clients? The consequence of procrastinating in your personal life could result in the loss of your social engagements, however doing so in your professional life could result in you losing your livelihood. Why do we procrastinate at work? What are the benefits of completing our work assignments on time? How can we stop this harmful habit?

Work VS. Life

In my experience, balancing home life with our jobs is one of the main contributing factors of procrastination. There are so many important things that we need to prioritize in our lives: health, family, relationships, friendships the list can go on. Trying to balance our work and personal life takes tremendous effort on a daily basis. What do I mean? Take the priority list I mentioned. How many categories can you divide each of them into? How much time does each one take?

  • Health: we need to find time each day to exercise, grocery shop for healthy food items and then cook them, we have to look after our emotional and spiritual health, find time to meditate, conduct our self examinations to be better individuals, etc.
  • Family: if you have children, you have to find time to attend their games at school, meet with their teachers, help them study for tests, help with homework, cook dinners, prepare lunches, complete household chores, balance your budget, etc.
  • Relationships: if you are married or have a significant other, you have to find time to communicate, have date nights, reconnect or get to know one another better, plan romantic activities, etc.
  • Friendships: we need to find time to strengthen the bonds of our friendships, meet new friends, spend time with our neighbors, attend social events with friends, etc.

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Quick Tips To Stop Procrastinating At School

Excuses, excuses, excuses. It’s time to stop procrastinating, get focused and accomplish something great. If you are reading this, you want to learn how to quit putting off important assignments and manage your time better. Since you may find it difficult focusing on educational texts, I’ll keep my tips short, easy to follow and to the point. I won’t spend too much time on my hilarious anecdotes (funny to me anyway) because I know you want to get started on your homework and other urgent tasks. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you want to spend your time reading this article as a stalling tactic. Well forget it! We are going to start breaking this procrastination habit now. Whether you are in primary school, high school, trade school or university, you have a lot to do!

Procrastination Pitfalls

It is so easy to postpone seemingly minor activities each day: studying for an exam, working on a term paper, doing chores, after school events, the list goes on. However, think of the dangerous pitfall of procrastinating: your day does not reset! What do I mean? You do not start each day over with the same assignments as the previous day. Your to-do list is growing longer, deadlines are approaching and the quality of your tasks will suffer due to waiting until the last minute. Continue reading “Quick Tips To Stop Procrastinating At School”