15 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of The Flu

Last week Monday I sat at my desk at work and looked around. The office was practically empty. Where was everyone? Was the building evacuated and I didn’t know?? I found out that they were all taken by the season. No, not the season that just ended, the flu season. Yes, flu season is here again: bigger, badder and boundless! This post will discuss how the flu is contracted, how to treat it and how to naturally prevent you from getting the influenza virus.

Catching the flu

Influenza a.k.a. The Flu

Personally, I’ve had the flu twice in my life and both times occurred last year. To be honest, before I caught the flu the first time, I didn’t understand it. I thought the flu was like catching a cold but a little more severe. Boy was I wrong, it was SO much worse! But what is the flu? How do you know if you have the flu and not the common cold? Continue reading “15 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of The Flu”